Laddoos can be made out of boondhis, besan etc. Boondi laddoo recipe is easy, simple because it requires very less ingredients. So take a look at this recipe and give it a try on this deewali....

Bengal gram flour ( kadalamavu ) - 500 gm
Rice flour - ¼ cup
Cooking soda - ¼ tsp
Yellow food colour - a pinch
Ghee - 1, ½ tbsp


Sugar - 500 gm or according to your taste
Water - 1, ½ cup
Milk - ¼ cup ( to remove impurities from sugar )
Cardamom powder - ¼ tsp
Chopped cashewnuts- 25 gm
Raisins - 25 gm
Cloves - 5,6

Sieve both Bengal gram and rice flour separately. Fry cashew nuts, raisins and cloves in ghee separately and keep it aside. 
First you have to prepare sugar syrup and keep it ready. Take a pan, add water and sugar. Mix well. Then bring to boil. Add ¼ cup of milk to it, all the impurities in sugar will come to the surface. Remove it with a ladle. Boil sugar syrup till you get one string consistency ( noolu paruvam ). 
Mix both Bengal gram flour and rice flour, add cooking soda and a pinch of yellow colour. Add water and make the batter. Add water little by little carefully to get the batter consistency. It should neither be too thin nor thick.

Heat oil , pour a little batter on the boondi ladle keeping it on top of hot oil and gently tap it with a spoon. Tiny droplets of batter will fall into the hot oil. Fry till golden brown. Do not fry too crisp. Remove it before that stage. Keep aside. Repeat the process with rest of the batter. After boondi cools a little, add ½ of it to the sugar syrup. Put the rest of boondhi’s in a blender and grind it a little, ( don’t add any water at all ). Take a small mixer jar and blend it little by little for a few seconds. Now add this also to the sugar syrup. Mix boonthi’s well together. Add a tbspn of ghee and make balls out of it. YUMMYYYYY….laddoos are ready to serve.

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