Still many people have doubts about pachady and kitchady.

For me if i am making pachady with vegetables not going to cook fully,it will be just saute or half done.....should be !

If i prefer to make pachady with fruits like banana,mango,pineapple,apple like to cook ......then only you will get perfect one

But with vegetables like mango,tomato,curry cucumber,beetroot,carrot, doubt .....not fully cooked.....its truely "Pachady"

For kitchady,usually fried the vegetables like ladies finger,bittergouard etc

Of course coconut will be key ingredient !!!

Step 1

Steam ripe banana with skin, peel itthen cut into round thick slices
In this recipe i used breakfast leftover banana !

Step 2

Beat the youghurt with salt......keep aside

Step 3

Make a fine paste with grated coconut,ginger,small onion,green chilly,curry leaves and cumin seeds

Step 4

Add one by one ,by thick bottom pan

Coconut oil
Fenugreek seeds
Red dried chillies
Ginger juliene
Small onion sliced
Green chillies
Curry leaves
turmeric powder
chilly powder
coconut paste
water little
jaggery grated
steamed banana (or can cook )

Finished with tempering
do not allow to cook the curd

Good Luck !

Recipe By: Printo Pauly

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