Egg Roast :
By : Amith Santhosh
Cooking time :15-20min 

Ingredients :
1.boiled egg -2 ( would be more tastier if it is half boiled egg with soft Yolk)
2.cumin seeds-1/2 ts
3.mustard seeds-1 ts
4.curry leaves
5.ginger garlic paste -1-2 ts
6. Red chilly powder-2 ts( degrade to 1ts if you prefer for medium spicy )
7. Turmeric powder-1/2 ts
8.onion sliced -2
9.tomato sliced as cubes -2 chilly sliced -1
11. Coconut oil - as required
12.salt to taste

1. Add oil to hot pan and add mustard seeds and cumin till it get sizzled
2.add green leaves and sort it and then add ginger garlic paste till raw taste is gone
3. Add sliced onion and sort till they become golden brown.
4.add red chilly powder and turmeric powder and sort the mixture
5. Add required salt and chopped tomatoes and sort for 5 minutes
6.add the chopped green chilly for final mixture.
7.slice the boiled egg into halves and place in the serving plate . Add the masala roast over them and garnish

Egg roast is a good accompaniment to chapati, roti, white rice if there is no veggies and quick preparation for bachelors

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