By : Deepa Sujesh

Ripe robusta - 1 OR 2
Milk - 150 ml
Vanilla essence - 2 drops
Cardamom pods - 2 (crushed)
Sugar - 4 spoons (or as per taste)
Roasted nuts in ghee


Skin banana and grate using a grater. (Do not use mushy ripe bananas, just ripe yet firm bananas will be perfect for the recipe)
Now pour milk into a saucepan and place on flame. After it boils, add sugar stir well, then add the crushed cardamom pods.
Once the sugar gets dissolved and when you smell the aroma of cardamom pods add the grated banana and stir well for few seconds.
Add vanilla essence, mix well and add roasted nuts and remove from flame.


You can make the payasam richer by adding condensed milk while preparation.
Do not add too much of banana then the kheer will become mushy and wont have the drinking consistency.

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