Easy Mini Chocolate Cake
By : Chinchu C Babu
Ingredients needed
Milk : 3 Tbsp
Vegetable oil : 3Tbsp
Cocoa powder : 3Tbsp
Salt : 1/4 Tsp
Baking powder:1 Tsp
Sugar : 4 Tbsp
All purpose flour : 4 Tbsp
Egg and Milk nannay beat cheyyuka. No need of hand blenders. Ithilek sugar , vegetable oil and salt add cheyyuka. Dry ingredients ( All purpose flour , Cocoa and baking powder and powdered sugar ) onnu mix cheythu add cheyyuka. Cake mix ready 😊
Preheat the oven to 180°c for 10 minutes
Then bake for 20 minutes
PS : Temperature may slightly differ according to your oven conditions
Post idan plan illarunnakond full cake pic eduthilla...
Soft cake ayirikkum. Egg use cheyyathavark curd upayogikkam. Or can use condensed milk.

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