Nadan Chemmeen Curry
By : Sheethal Sreenivas
15 minutes Preparation Time 15 minutes Cooking

Prawns- 500 gram
Ginger- a small piece
Garlic- 6 pods
Shallots/Kunjulli- 6
Grated Coconut-half of a coconut
Thenghakothu/coconut bits- 3 table spoon
Kashmeeri Chilly powder-1 table spoon
Coriander Powder-3/4 table spoon
Turmeric powder- a pinch
Curry leaves- 2 sprig
Green Chilly – 2 Nos
Salt- to taste
Coconut Oil- as required
Fenugreek powder- a pinch

Nadan Chemmeen Curry–Amma Style/Kerala Style Prawns Curry with ground coconut. It is a mouth watering dish of Kerala sea food delicacies. This is how my amma cooks prawns in a nadan style.She named this curry is Chemmeen thengakoth curry.This dish is made of prawns with ground coconut cooked in manchatti/claypot..Another attraction of this dish is adding coconut bits/thengakothu so it’s inviting. This dish has a finger licking taste which goes well with rice,chappathi etc.Do try this and do give your feedback if you liked this.

Deshell and devein the prawns, wash well and keep aside.
Grind coconut, chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder with required water to a fine paste and keep aside.
In an earthern pot/manchatti, add prawns, thegakothu, finely chopped ginger,garlic,shallots, kudampuli and curry leaves.
Mix well adding required salt and water.
Cook this in a medium flame.
Add in ground coconut paste to this after 5 minutes.
Cook for 10 minutes.
When the gravy is thick, lower the flame and sprinkle fenugreek powder.
Drizzle coconut oil over the curry.
Switch off the flame.Curry is ready.
Serve hot with rice, Chappathi etc.

This is an authentic style of cooking, this recipe doesn’t require seasoning.

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