Chicken Noodles with Honey Glazed Chicken
By : Priya Syam
chicken breast-250gm(boneless skinless cut into medium sized chunks)
onion-1 big(finely minced)
minced garlic n ginger-2 tsp
oil-for frying

To make sauce:
kashmiri chilli powder-2tsp
Tomato sauce-2tbsp
soya sauce-1/4 tsp

For making batter:
All-purpose flour-1tbsp
baking powder-a pinch(optional)

First take a bowl n make batter with above ingredients . mix ingredients till just combined and marinate with chicken pieces.Let rest in refrigerator for a 1/2 hr.Combine sauce ingredients,mix thoroughly and kept it aside.
Heat oil in a pan .Then Put the marinated n batter coated chicken into the hot oil. Fry the chicken both sides untill its cooked n golden to light brown and crisp. Remove the fried chicken in paper towels to drain.
Nw u can use same fried pan for sauting the onion first heat oil in a pan n saute the ginger n garlic chopped wen nice smell come add the chopped onion n saute untill the raw smell gone.nw take the sauce mix well n add in the sauted onion mix well n saute for 5 m.finally add
fried chicken pieces n Stir-fry again briefly. Serve over noodles /rice or eat with chappathi.

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