By : Shilpa Menon
Idli rice-2 cup
Coconut grated-1
Yeast - 1/4 to 1/2 tsp depending on climate
Sugar-5 tbsp
Salt- to taste
Soak rice for 4 hours.
Grind together soaked rice and coconut with water. The batters consistency should be looser than dosa batter.
Take 1 ladle of batter and 1 cup of water and heat in a vessel in low flame until this thickens up to a pudding consistency.
Once this cools down, take this pudding+yeast+1 ladle of batter+5tbsp sugar+salt to taste and mix.
Pour this mixture into rest of the batter.
Allow this mixture to ferment for 8-12 hrs.
After 8 hrs check the consistency,if thick add some coconut milk to adjust the consistency.
Appam batter is ready.

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