By : Sajina Bishar
1.Chicken-1/2 kg (small pieces would be better)
2.Onion-2 (large..chopped)
3.Garlic- 2 tsp (grated)
4.Ginger -1 tsp (grated)
5.Chilly powder- 2 tsp
6.Coriander powder-1 3/4 tsp
7.Garam masala- 1 tsp
8.Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
9.Pepper-1/2 tsp
10.Clove (grambu)-2
11.Cinnamon (patta)-2 small pieces
12.Mint leaves
13.Coriander leaves.(chopped)
14.Thick Coconut Milk-1/2 cup
15.Thin coconut Milk-3/4 cup
16.Water-4 tbsp
19.Cornflour-1 tsp (dissolved in 1tbsp water) (optional)

Ingredients (for marination)
20.Pepper-1 3/4 tsp
21.Ginger -1/4 tsp (grated)
22.Garlic- 1/4 tsp (grated)
23. Salt-1/4 tsp
24.Olive oil-1 tbsp (any other would do)

Chicken Preparation
~Marinate the chicken pieces with ingredients 20 to 24 very well
~Freeze it for 15 mins.
~Else refrigerate it for half an hour.

Curry Preparation
~Heat oil in kadai & saute onions,salt & mint leaves till the onions become transparent.
~Off the flame & let it cool a little.
~Take 3/4th of this onion-mint mix & grind it (need not be a smooth paste)
~Now put on the flame & add this grinded mix to the rest of the sauteed onions & mix well.
~Add ginger, garlic, cloves & cinnamon & saute for 2 mins.
~Add all the powders & cook for 2 mins in low flame.
~Add the marinated chicken & water(4 tbsp) & mix well & cook for 5 mins.
~Add the thick coconut milk & cook for 3 mins with closing the lid.
~Now add the thin coconut milk & coriander leaves & cornflour(if the gravy is not thick yet) simmer for 2 mins.
~Thicken the gravy according to your taste.

This chicken curry will really boost your taste buds !!!!

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