Crispy Chicken (fried chicken)
By : Jaya George
Chicken. 4to 5pieces(more than400g)
Cornflakes 2to3cups
Maida 1and half cup
Milk 2cup
Chilli powder , crushed green chillies or crushed red chillies
Eggs 4
Ginger past 1tsp
Garlic past 1tsp
Lime 1or vinegar 1tsp
Salt depends on your taste
(Pepper powder 1tsp if you like)
Oil for fry
Method:in a bowl add ginger garlic past ,salt,lime ,if you like to add pepper powder or very little chillipowder +milk mix then add Chicken pieces coat them nicely cover and keep it for over night in the fridge(at least 2to4hours) then the chicken become soft and when your marinating always the pieces must be fully covered with the masala,( not to dry ) in a other bowl crush the cornflakes so they are a texture to coarse more less bread crumbs ,(doesn't have to be fine like bread crumbs)keep it side,in other bowl Maida +chillipowder mix and keep,( in another bowl )whisk the eggs so that they are well scrambled,
Set up the bowls in order 1bowl with the Chicken 2bowl with the flour 3beaten eggs 4crushed cornflakes
Using a fork lifts the chicken pieces and let excess the milk masala drain of place them in the flour and shake off any excess dip in eggs turn them so they are evenly coated ,lift them out of the eggs and then drudge in the crushed cornflakes drop them in hot oil (oil is to hot make it medium )when is golden colours (cooked properly)take it out ,our crispy chicken is ready ,serve with lots of love and any tomato sauce, dip ,chutney or bbq sauce

Tips:there is a another version of this:-Maida 3tsp cornflour 1tsp red chilli past 1tsp ginger garlic past2tsp vinegar 1tsp salt mix and marinate with chicken pieces keep it for 2hours dip in the beaten eggs then the crushed cornflakes and fry,you can use chicken :-boneless ,finger shape,square ,strips, even this method you can bake them preheat oven to 190 'c and spray a baking sheet with cooking spray place the chicken pieces on the sheet bake in the oven for 15to20minutes turning half way through,chilli past :take 5or6 red chilli take out the seeds then boil with very little water cooler it grind ,for better taste add paprika 1or2tsp tho the cornflakes ,thanks, take care,GBU

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