Sooji Toast
By : Anju Aravind
A very healthy snack which kids are surely going to enjoy.. Mix rava with milk and cream. Let it sit there for fifteen minutes.... Add finely chopped vegetables like capsicum, tomatoes, onion, grated carrot, green chillies(optional if serving to kids).. Add salt, chat masala, little red chilli pd, a pinch of garam masala, little black pepper pd.. Mix well.. Heat non stick tawa.. Sprinkle some ghee.. Apply the rava veggie mixture on one side of bread and put it the tawa with the mixture on bottom side.. Apply little ghee on the top of the bread.. Let it cook on low flame for five to seven minutes.. Flip the other side and let it roast.. Remove and cut it diagonally... Enjoy with your favorite chutneys or sauce..😊😊
I am sure even the adults would love this snack..

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