Khoya / Mawa Balls
By : Nileena Ravindran
(Recipe Courtsey - Masala TV)

Khoya / Mawa - 300g (approx)
Defrosted and grated 
Drinking Chocolate - 1 - 1 1/2 tbsp
Castor Sugar - 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence - approx 1/4 tsp- optional (original recipe vanilla essence included)
Garnishing - Nuts

Mix khoya & sugar in a double boiler till they mix well. Make sure that the mixture is slightly thick & does not attain liquid consistency. Add vanilla essence and roll it into a dough (I liked the ones where vanilla essence were not mixed !!) . Handle them carefully as they are quiet soft. Divide into two portions. To one dough portion mix in the cocoa powder. Make balls or roll them individually or mix both and give a marble texture; left to u. Garnish with nuts.

Khoya / Mawa - I have never tried making mawa at home, always purchased them from the supermarkets. In case you wish to make it at home, this is the simplest way.

Take any milk powder & knead it with milk or nestle cream till it forms into a hard dough (slighty sticky). Cover it with a wet cloth for about fifteen minutes and then steam in a pressure cooker for 10 / 15 minutes.
Remove from pressure cooker and cool. Break into large chunks and now grind it in your food processor. It will look like crumps. Khoya is now ready to be used in any sweet you want.

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