Pal Payasam - Cooker Method
By : Sobha Nair
Ing -milk , sugar ,rice ,cardamom powder .
Take 1 ltre milk & add handful ( oru pidi ) of washed rice in a vessel .the milk should be only 3/4 of the vessel .keep this vessel in a cooker with 2 cups water .close the cooker , when steam comes put the weight .after the first whistle lower the gas flame .let it cook for 45 minutes .then put off the gas .when the cooker is cooled open & take out the vessel .Again keep the vessel in the gas & stir properly .add the sugar according to taste boil the payasam until you get the required consistency .put of the gas & add cardamom powder .
This is a very tastey payasam .more tasty when it is kept in the fridge

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