Kaya Pola (Egg & Plantain Cake)
By : Sindhu Joy
1.Eggs - 4
2.Ripe Plantains - 2
3.Sugar - 8 tbsp
4.Crushed Cardomom - 5-6 nos
5.Ghee - 1-2 tbsp
6.Cashew Nuts - 9 (broken)
7.Raisins - 1 tbsp or more
-Cut the plantains lengthwise and cut them into small cubes.
-Fry them in ghee in a medium sized sauce pan, till golden brownish colour comes(here & there).
-Fry cashew till brownish, after removing the plantains.
-Fry raisins also till golden brown.
-Beat the eggs well along with sugar and powdered cardamom.
-Transfer the plantains, cashews & raisins into the beaten egg and stir it until spreads evenly.
-Now transfer the mixture into the same pan and cook in lowest flame.
-Cover with a proper fitting lid.
-Cook until the top part is set. It should take around 10-15 mins. You can see it first rises well and then sets

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