Coconut Rice
By : Amith Santhosh
Ingredients :
1. Boiled rice
2. Grated coconut- required
3. Mustard seeds -1 spoon
4. Coriander leaves and curry leaves
5. Oil - two ts
6.Toor dal - 1 spoon
6. Salt - required for rice
7. Chopped green chilly -1

Preparation : ( 5-10 min )

1. Take a pan and add required oil and saute with mustard seeds , toor dal till they are brown
2. Add green chilly , curry leaves and required salt to it
3. Finally add required boiled rice ( ensure they don get smashed off ) and mix with grated coconut so that they are uniform mixed .
4. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot

Can add on with papad or dry chilly fry for better combination.

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