Paneer Tikka Masala- Simple and easy way
By : Tushara Kurup
Ingredients needed-
3) Tomato puree
4) Chilli Powder
5) Corriander powder
6) Sambar powder
7) pav bhaji masala
8)Ginger and Garlic paste
9)Turmeric powder
10) Garam masala powder
11) Salt
12) cumin powder
1) For grilling the paneer -
Take a bowl put paneer in it add chilli powder,corriander powder, cumin powder and salt into it....mix it well and take a grill stick for grilling the paneer...Paneer is grilled
2) For gravy-
Put 2tbs of oil and add butter just melt the butter and add chopped onion,saute it well...add ginger garlic paste into saute it until onions become golden add tomato puree and mix its time to add all our spices- chilli powder,corriander powder, garam masala,pav bhaji masala,Sambar powder mix well and saute it until oil comes out from the sides...once oil comes out, put some water into it and boil it...once it starts boiling add grilled paneer into it....mix well....the gravy should be thick...
Finally add chopped corriander leaves and serve it with chappathi or rice...

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