Ladies Finger Masala Fry
By : Susha Mohan
this is very simple and tasty dish
ladies finger-250 gm
tomato-1 medium size
onion-2 medium size
curry leaves -few
oil-3 table spoon
chilli powder-1 table spoon
turmeric power-a pinch
coriander powder-1 table spoon
garam masala-half tea spoon
salt- to taste
cut the ladies finger into 3 inch pieces.add 1 table spoon oil to the pan and fry the ladies finger in medium flame
cook it for 10 mins . meanwhile grind tomato and onions in the mix jar.add all the powdere except salt into that mix.Remove the cooked ladies finger from the pan.again add oil and put some mustard,jeera and curry leaves.later add the mix into into.cook it for 10 mins.once the raw smell is gone and it become a think paste add the fried ladies fingers into it.add salt and cook for 5 more mins.

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