Simple Milk Pudding
By : Mumthaz Mahamood
Milk –( 1 -1.5 cup)
Sugar-(2-3tablespoon,u can use more or les sugar as ur wish)
Milkmaid-1/2 bottle
China grass-10gm
Soak china gras in ½ cup of water 4 half an hr. Take a pan ,boil milk,milkmaid,sugar mix in a medium flame and kep on stire without take hand,after boiling it put out the stove.and kep it aside.Then melt the soaked chinagras in a low flame and stir continuously.(or u can use double boiling methode).Then again jst boil the milk mixture(bcz u have 2 mix these 2 mixture at the same temperature).Then pour the milk mixture into the chinagras mixture very slowly..and mix wel.Then pour this mixture into the seRving bowl.and kep it aside until it reaches 2 room temperature.Then refrigerate upto 3-4 hrs. Then decorate as ur wish.

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