Caramel Pudding (Caramel Custard Pudding)
By : Asha Catherin Antony
For caramel:
Sugar 20gms
Water 3tbsp

For vanilla pudding:
Milk 500ml
Sugar 50gms
Eggs 3
Vanilla essence 1/2tsp
Custard powder any flavour 5 tsp
Condensed milk 1tin
China grass (10 gm) 1packet
Water 100ml

For making caramel: Add sugar in a dry pan and leave it untouched until the sugar melts down completely and turns slightly brown. Add water and the sugar syrup will start bubbling up. Do not stir just swirl to heat up evenly. Once the mixture turns golden brown then pour the caramel into moulds or ramekins immediately so that spreads to fill the base.

For making vanilla pudding: Heat milk with beaten eggs add sugar cook until sugar dissolves completely. Mix custard powder with little cold milk and add to the milk mixture. Then add condensed milk . Soak china grass in 100ml water and boil till it melts, add it to the above mixture and cook on low flame. When done add essence. Allow it to cool for a while then refrigerate for an hour atleast before serving. At the time of serving run a knife around the edges of the pudding to loosen a bit then invert the ramekins on the serving plate. A delicious caramel coated vanilla pudding is ready
Notes:• Don’t let the caramel get more dark then the pudding will have a bitter tasting caramel. Also the colour purely depends on your taste,
• Also allow the caramel to spread through all sides of the bottom base of the container you use for setting the pudding.
• You can use strawberry flavoured custard powder instead of vanilla custard powder.

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