By : Sajina Bishar
1.Maida-1 cup
2.Sugar-1 cup
5.Baking powder-3/4 tsp

Kerala Oven Preparation
~Clean your unniyappa chatti & dry it properly.
~Find a proper lid for the unniyappa chatti & close it.
~Find a steel container(charuvam) with lid which sits perfectly on top of the closed unniyappa chatti..
This structure should be perfect...else the cakes wont be baked properly...

Batter Preparation
~Break the eggs & add them first in the blender.
~Now add maida, sugar & dalda(liquid form)...& blend till smooth paste..
~Pour this batter into a vessel & add baking powder & mix well.
~Keep aside this batter for 1 hour.

Cake Preparation
~Fill the steel container with full water & close its lid & keep it for boiling.
~Once it starts boiling, place the unniyappa chatti on the stove properly & start heating in medium flame.
~Once the unniyappa chatti is heated, reduce its flame.
~Now start pouring the batter in each of its holes with a spoon(Don't fill the holes completely as the cake would rise up when baked..Filling half the hole would do)
~After filling all the holes close the unniyappa chatti with a lid.
~Now place the steel container with boiling water on top of this closed unniyappa chatti..& see to it that it doesn't fall...
(Be very careful during this process..the hot water might spill..catch the container with two hand towels & do the shifting)
~Now off the flame where the steel container was being heated.
~Let it bake for 5 mins & shift the steel container carefully n open the lid & check by inserting a small knife in the center of the cake..
~If not cooked, keep all the equipments back in the same postion & wait for 2 more mins.
~When its done, open up n toss the cakes out of the unniyappa chatti into a large bowl.
~Just taste your first cake now...you'll get the feel...
~Repeat this same process till the batter is finished..
~Need not change the flame till the end & now you must have got the correct baking time..so u need not check..just take it out on that time..
~Need not boil the water in the steel container also..Only in the beginning,just place it on top everytime.
~Let the cakes cool, then only you can keep it in an air tight container..it wills stay there for more than 2 weeks..
Dont let it burn....

This procedure might look loong & difficult...but its really very easy & interesting too

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