"Rice Dumplings or Kozhakkatta" or "Ammini Kozhakkatta"
By : Girija Madhusudan
Today I am going to show you how to make rice dumplings. 

2 cup rice flour 
1 cup grated coconut 
2 green chilli 
1 tsp mustard seed 
2 dry red chilli 
1 pinch of assoffotida 
Some curry leaves 
3 tbs oil 
Salt as per taste 
1 tbs white lentils (urad daal)
1 tsp sesame seed 


Add water in a bowl. 
Add salt and oil. 
Boil the water. 
Now add rice flour in boiling water. 
Make a smooth dough. 
Make small dumplings with this dough. 
Steam for 10 minutes. 
Now in a pan add oil and mustard seed. 
Add assoffotida and white lentils fry it 
Add half grated coconut, green chilli and curry leaves. 
Add dumplings and salt as per taste. 
Mix it well. 
Switch off the flame. 
Now add remaining grated coconut. 
Mix it well. 
Rice dumplings are ready to serve. 

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