Cauliflower Rice and Drumstick Roast
By : Maria John 
I love trying different diets. Cauliflower Rice is from Paleo Diet. In this Diet grains are not used. But to tease the brain they use Cauliflower (grated) as rice. Of course Zuchhini and Carrot etc as noodles (Julianned)
I decided to take a personal twist with the Cauliflower Rice.
Grated cauliflower (only the flowerets)
Finely chopped onion (I used shallots) ginger Pacha mulagu and curry leaves.
Finely chirandiya thenga, uppu and manjal. Jeerakam 
In a wide pan add some oil. When the oil is hot add a pinch of jeerakam. Once it is spluttered add the chopped ulli, inchi, pachamulaku and curry leaves. Saute well. Add the Cauliflower, thenga, uppu and manjal. Stir well and cook for a minute or two.
Make sure the pan is very hot and the cauliflower just loses its rawness to keep it crunchy and grainy.
Serve it with a lemon/lime wedge.

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