Oats porridge. 
(Small Tip:try to Avoid Instant Oats. Buy Rolled whole grain oats.)
By : Zuber Yadoo
Babies 18 months +
Rolled whole grain oats :1 cup
Water. :11/2 cup
Milk :1 cup
Cinnamon powder: 1 pinch
Salt :1/4 teaspoon
One handful of Almonds (Peel off) , cashew( crush it nicely)
Raisins : handful
Brown sugar : 1 tablespoon ( optional )
Peanut butter : 1 tablespoon
Banana for topping
1. Bring water to boil.
2. Add cinnamon , salt
3. Minimize the heat
4. Add oats, dry nuts and raisins.
5. Mix it well , keep in high flame for 5-8 minutes stir it.
6. Add milk
7. Keep in high flame stir it
8. When it starts boiling keep it in very low heat. Keep it until it cooked well. Turn off flame , Add sugar for taste and add peanut butter. Mix it well.
This will be enough for 4 servings.

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