Rava Kesari
      By- Salini Krishna

   Rava - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - half cup
Cashew kismis- some
Elakka powder- 3 nos
Vanila or pine apple essence or rose water - 1lid
Yellow food colour- pinch
Hot water - 3 cup
Adyam cashew and kismis varukkanam neyyil. Bakkiyulla neyyil rava roast cheyanam. Vellam choodakkan vaykkam. Vellathil food colour , essence, elaykka cherkkanam. Rava roast akumpol water ozhikkam. Ini ilakkanam. Nallapole dry avum. Appol sugar cherkkanam. Ini 2 spoon neyy cherkkam. Appol dry ayit halwa pole akum. Thee off cheythat trayil ghee thadavi Kesari ozhichat amarthi vaykkanam. Thanukkumpol muriykkam.
Note: for one cup rava 2 cup water is the ratio. But I will add 3. Then it will be so soft. Use non stick pan

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