Vegetable Kurma:
By: Rema Santhosh

1.carrot -2 chopped as dices
2.beetroot-1 chopped as dices
3.potato-2 chopped as dices
5.onion -1 chopped chilly, ginger and garlic -2 ( as paste )
7.cashew nut-8,kuscus ( 2 ts soaked )-grind as paste
8.coconut milk -1 glass
9.tomato -1 sliced as dices
10.curry leave and corriander leaves -to garnish
11.chilly powder -1ts
12.coriander powder -1ts
13.pepper-1/2 ts
15. Garam masala

Preparation :
1.Add turmeric powder and salt and Boil vegetables ( carrot , beet root,carrot and potato) and keep aside
2. Take a pan and add 2 ts of oil, add sliced onion and sort till they are golden brown and add ginger garlic paste and sort till raw smell is gone
3. Add chopped tomato to it and add chilly,coriander , pepper and garam masala as required and mix it
4.add cashew nut and khuskus paste to have thick gravy
5.finally add coconut milk to the gravy and off the pan
6. Garnish with chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves

Vegetable kurma is easy to cook and can be served with chapati or roti

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