Chicken Meat Ball
By : Vidya Rethish
1)Ground Chicken(I Use Ground Chicken Breast) ---------2lb
2)Garlic Powder----- 1tsp
3)Kale(Chopped)-----Half Cup
4)Coriander Leaves (Chopped)---- 1tbsp
5)Salt ------ Required
6)Ginger(Chopped) ------- Half Tbsp
7)Turmeric Powder ------ Half Tsp
8)Black Pepper Powder ---- 1tsp
9)Lemon Juice (Optional)----- 1tsp
10)Bread Crumps -------- Quarter Cup
11) Italian Seasoning ------ 1tsp
12)Onion(Chopped) -----2tbsp
13)Oil ----- 2 Tbsp
14)Water ----- 1and Half Cup

Mix All The Ingredients Well, From 1 To 12 And Make Them Into Small Balls. (Wet The Hands For Proper Shape)

In A Wide Pan Add The Oil And Water.
When Steam Coming From The Water Add All The Balls. Cover It With The Lid And Let It Cook For 20 -30 Minutes. After All The Water Content Evaporated, Just Saute The Balls For 3 To 5 Minutes. Chicken Meat Balls Are Ready.
I Made These For My Kids. This Was An Experiment. But It Came Really Good. So Thought To Share Here.
You Can Avoid Or Add Some Ingredients Like More Veggies ,Chilli Flakes Or Other Indian Seasonings.
And You Can Make Chilli Meat Balls With These Balls, Just Like Chilli Chicken Recipe.

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